California Big Trees

Official Registry of California Big Trees

Smoke Tree
Smoke Tree

The California Register of Big Trees is a program of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CDF) and the Northern and Southern California Societies of American Foresters (NorCal SAF). It maintains records for the largest specimen of each native and naturalized tree species growing in California. The register seeks to recognize and sustain these living landmarks. Not all champions are literal giants like the General Sherman Giant Sequoia. The National Champion Smoke Tree, for example, is a mere 17 feet tall, with a crown spread of 12 feet and circumference of 48 inches. Questions regarding these listings can be directed to Matt Ritter at

California has 334 Big Tree listings, 132 National Champions and 39 Co-Champions.

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Acacia, Bailey
Acacia baileyana

46 feet tall, 65 foot canopy
115 inches in girth
177 Points
A. Cowley, 1998 - Gilroy

Acacia, Black
Acacia melanoxylon

62 feet tall, 77 foot canopy
115 inches in girth
197 Points
A. Cowley, 1999 - Hayward

Acacia, Black
Acacia melanoxylon

National Champion
56 feet tall, 69 foot canopy
150 inches in girth
223 Points
Bruce Larson, 2004 - Fremont

Acacia, Black Wattle
Acacia decurrens var. mollis

60 feet tall, 37 foot canopy
103 inches in girth
172 Points
A. Cowley, 1999 - Carmel
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Questions regarding these listings can be directed to Matt Ritter at

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